Showcase: Healthcare

Showcase: Healthcare

Variety Care

Britton clinic

Oklahoma Blood Institute

Lab and Donor Centers

Nicholson Tower

Exterior Façade Renovation - OU Health Sciences Center Campus

HPI / Rheumatology
Associates of OK

Artesian Cancer Center

OU Clinical Skills Center

OU Health Sciences Center

OU Children's Hospital

Entry Art Installation

Variety Care

Straka Terrace Clinic

Vadovations Research

Vadovations Research Clean Room

St. Anthony's Hospital

New West Entrance

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"Grote Caston Construction Management and all of their employees are an excellent company to work with. I was so impressed with how organized they were and even better was their professionalism. Workmanship was very, very, good. Rusty Caston has much to be very proud of!"

Integris Pacer Fitness Center